PVC panels are a very modern material for interior decoration today.


1. What is pvc sheet?

PVC panels are a very modern material for interior decoration today. The product is light in weight with high production techniques. Although it does not have the same advantages as wood, it has many pluses that the wood plank line does not have. Especially can replace wood in many cases.

PVC panels are waterproof, non-flammable and have high hardness to withstand impact. So you can drill, cut, nail, screw into the product without worrying about damage. In addition, it can be trimmed, hewn, cut, and folded under the influence of heat with chemical resistance and weather resistance.

2. Structure of PVC sheet

PVC sheet consists of 5 components:

  • UV (Protective Layer) coating on the product surface protects the product, anti-scratch.
  • The outer layer keeps the shine, helping the product always look new, the texture underneath is always clear and the color does not fade.
  • Texture layer (stone grain, wood grain): brings beauty and vibrancy to the product.
  • Pure PVC layer: This is an important component that determines the mechanical strength as well as the elasticity of the product during construction and use.
  • The base layer is responsible for connecting the plastic sheet to the machined surface. The product integrates more effective waterproof and fireproof functions.


3. Advantages of PVC panels

PVC panels are widely used for many projects. Therefore, there can be products with many outstanding advantages. The best points that this product brings are:

  • PVC panels have high durability: It can be said that the PVC line offers good impact resistance, water resistance, and good insulation, fire resistance, sound insulation, etc.
  • When in use, it is easy to clean and clean
  • The plastic sheet's aesthetics are high thanks to the product's smooth surface.
  • Low cost.
  • Cutting, drilling, installation, and easy construction.

 4. Disadvantages of PVC panels

Although PVC panels have been certified to be extremely safe for human health. However, some opinions still say that PVC contains toxic gases. Another minus point is that if you use PVC to install the ceiling, the aesthetic will certainly not be as high as other specialized materials.

It can be said that PVC panels bring many benefits to users in terms of both product quality, simple construction and reasonable price. Use products with many uses to bring beautiful, luxurious and eye-catching spaces. Currently, Mega Vietnam General Trading Co., Ltd is providing raw materials, additives ... for PVC sheet production such as CPE impact aids, pewax lubricating additives, Heat stabilizers... With stable quality, suitable price. Mega Vietnam is always a reliable partner for all customers across the country.

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